About me

My name is Tess Walsh and I am a feltmaker living in North London. 

Ah the smell of clean wool

Ah the smell of clean wool

I have been making felt since January 2010 and it has taken over my life – felt can do that to a person!!  Feltmaking has brought together lots of things I have learnt as a fine artist and also as a theatre performer and designer.

Also I love sheep….  here I am dressed as one!! – playing Isobel Bridie in the Tower Theatre’s production of  ‘An Experiment with an Airpump’  (I also painted the costumes).    Although as my character pointed out ‘Sheep don’t have ears like this’.

Painted costumes for Experiment with an Airpump

Me as a sheep….I’m on the left          .   photo Liam Muir

More recently I have started to embroider – on the grounds that I can carry an embroidery round in my bag and work on it in my lunchbreak….I work full time so I try to squeeze some creativity into my day whenever I can.  Feltmaking is my first love, but it isn’t very portable!!


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