Yesterday in Highgate

Sewing a button on a new bag

Sewing a button on a new bag

Hello to anyone who came to the stall yesterday at Lauderdale House…..We went for a stall inside the house this time and given the weather yesterday I was really glad that we did!!  The feltmaking demonstration creates lots of interest.  However I am left with a number of small bags and sample pieces which are often attractive designs but not the best made pieces of felt in the world.  It isn’t always possible to talk to people and concentrate on laying an even layer of wool at the same time!

I am thinking about having a basket of them on the stall explaining their provenance, and suggesting that people who want to give them a good home  make me an offer…..People also seem to like the sample pieces I put with my photos and I have sold several of them.  I made a couple yesterday which I liked so maybe this is a  good way to go with demonstrating…….
Piece of felt with peacock designOrange flower sample
I also got a chance to try out the two  scarves I have made on the public.  They had some interest but it seems that I need to work on getting the size right.

Pink Silk Nunofelt Scarf

This pink one is very pretty but maybe too short to be worn  wrapped round the neck.  The cream one is much longer but more like a stole / wrap than a scarf.  Its all in the proportions……Looking on Etsy it seems that makers are mostly seeling scarves that are at least a metre and a half long, but often thinner than mine.

Cream Chiffon Nunofelt Scarf with blue flowers

Cream Chiffon Nunofelt Scarf


Help please re Etsy Shop…

Hi there to anyone reading this.  I think -fingers crossed- that I have just added a link to my new Etsy Shop on my sidebar.

This isn’t strictly speaking supposed to be possible so I have followed suggestions on the help blog and I think it has worked.  I would be grateful if someone reading this could try clicking the link and see what they get – I’m not sure if I’m getting the right place on Etsy as its my site so I can automatically see it!!  (There are only a couple of items on there so far as I am in the process of taking and uploading photos  from various angles….)

Golly – all this techie stuff is a bit complicated!

Blue and Orange Handbag still drying

Blue and Orange Handbag still drying

Here is a picture of the bag I finished this morning just to add something pretty to the post….its not even quite dry yet but I am pleased with it.  For some reason this cobalt blue wool seems to make a particularly smooth felt – different colours of wool really do seem to have different characters….!  The orange decoration is made with a prefelt that I attached before fulling the bag.