‘Sushi’ Bead Necklaces

A while ago made several colours of ‘sushi roll type beads ( layers of different coloured felt, tightly rolled, dipped in a 50% solution of water / P VA then cut when dry.)

Coloured sushi roll felt beads

Sushi Roll beads

They have been sitting in my studio waiting for me to do something with them since then.  Today I decided to make some pendants so I can string the beads into necklaces with an interesting central piece.

It took me a while to work out the correct size and thickness of felt to use and I’n still not sure I have cracked it – watch this space….

Various colours of felt centrepieces for necklaces

Felt pendants

So now I’m off to soak them in PVA and set then to dry.  Then maybe I will finally stop putting off the necklace making process and get my needle out!!