Embroidery endings

I have just completed my lunchtime embroidery project – something started last October as a project to work on in my lunchbreaks. I did the front cover intending it for Embroidery front covera small square sketchbook when it was finished.

Once I came to the end of that side I invented a back cover which was a shadow version of the front design in running stitch.  I now think I almost prefer the second version.  I have been reading about Japanese ways of embelishing, joining and strengthening cloth.  Often a practical measure when material is in short supply but  often very beautiful in its own right.

Back Cover

Now I’m finished and I have to find a new project for my lunch breaks as I miss it already…. I am considering either Pansies or Bees…. watch this space.

Peacocks and a leap out of my comfort zone

In an attempt to master the dreaded sewing machine I am making my latest project in my embroidery class at least partially machined….so I am constructing my own ‘fabric’ using disolveable material and machine threads.  It is to be a peacock like this (although with different colouring – not sure where this came from in my drawing..)

Peacock Design full

So there I was last night teeth gritted, trying to remember to breathe, and hoping that I could get through what I needed to do quickly and without tangling myself up too many times. 

‘You’re going too fast!’ said Isobel, which apparently explained the strange loopy quality on the back on the stitching.  Although it doesn’t really matter for what I want.  The embroidery will be constructed in several layers – as below:

Peacock layers

Peacock layers

I started on the yellow piece yesterday – the amount of machine stitching I will end up with is debatable and may depend whether I stop wanting to throw the machine out of the window!!  Roll on hand sewing…. !

I keep telling myself it is a useful tool if I can master it so for the moment I persevere….

Design for Embroidery

Thursday found me sitting in my embroidery class with a piece of felt, some felt ropes, threads, lots of photos of lichen, moss and fungus in front of me and no idea where to start turning it all into an embroidery.  Luckily that is what teachers are for!  Isobel got me to identify the bits of the photos I liked (with a bit of input from her) and then draw something out.  She said ‘Once you’ve drawn it it will be a lot easier to see the stitches….’

Luckily drawing is something I don’t have a major problem with so I took the various bits and drew sections from different photos into a long design, and as I had brought my portable watercolour box with me I coloured in and then used a black felt pen to add details.  Below are details of the photos I used and the finished design…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sure enough Isobel was then able to make suggestions about potential use of stitches – and started by showing me how to stuff / raise some of the areas by backstitching a piece of additional material to the back, making a slit and filling with wadding….

Only trouble is that I realised that the piece of felt I had made wasn’t right.  It needs to be plainer and also a different shape – rectangular rather than square.  So off to make more felt now….