Sheep of the Month

October 2014

This month’s sheep is shyly peeping out from behind a tree near Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria….


September 2014

This month’s sheep is the delightfully pretty Herdwick – just back from a visit to the Lake District and finally managed to get some shots of them to add to my sheep collection.


June 2014

This page is turning more into occasional sheep of the month!!  But here is a sheep for June – a Portuguese Bordeleira.  This is the rare breed sheep that we were using to make felt on my recent holiday and I can confirm that it makes beautiful felt – and has lovely natural colours too.  Love the curly horns….!


November 2013

Sheep of the month this month is a chicken – and a magnificent fellow he is too!

Isle of Wight Chicken

Isle of Wight Chicken


July 2013

Scottish Sheep


The New Year Sheep of the Month 2013

North Ronaldsays

North Ronaldsays – two for the price of one to greet 2013


Whoops December Sheep a bit late

A Jacob

A Jacob


November Sheep

A black sheep…..

A New Title – 28th October

A new sheep every week is a bit of a challenge so instead I’ll try for one a month…..I’ve increased my store of sheep photos having just come back from Cumbria so I might just make one a month. This month a mysterious horned sheep glimpsed through the nettles near Portinscale….

22 April 2012

18 March 2012

This does seem to be turning into Sheep of the Month not the week at the moment!!

5 February 2012

North Ronaldsay – in two colours


15 January 2012

The Joleon Lescott of Sheep?

Another celebrity lookalike sheep…….!!

2 January – New Year Sheep

Cotswold Ram and Lamb

I love Cotswolds…..!

1 December

Sheep in a mist on Lattrig

And finally a new sheep of the week 20 November

The sheep that looks like Andrew Marr……..

Sheep on a green filed in the lake Distric

Its the ears…….

Sheep of the Week 21 August

Black Wensleydale at Hatfield House

Sheep of the Week 31 July

Signs of sheep sex!!

This week’s photo is a saucy one from last year!! The sheep in the picture has a yellow back as a signal that it has been ‘tupped’ by the ram. The yellow raddle is applied by the farmerto the underside of the ram to ensure that it is doing its work with the ewes…..

Sheep of the Week 18 July

A mother pig feeding her litter

Guest pig on the Sheep of the Week Spot

It is a good thing that we are going to the Lake District in a couple of weeks and then hopefully to the County Show at Hatfield House – I am running low on good sheep shots… so this week we have guest pigs instead (as I love pigs too!)

Sheep of the Week 10th July

Sheep in the Bracken

Sheep in Bracken

Sheep of the Week 3rd July

As I’ve been working with Bluefaced Leicester Humbug the sheep this week is a Blue Faced Leicester….a very noble looking sheep I think….

Blue Faced Leicester

Blue Faced Leicester


Sheep of the Week 26 June

We are off to the Lake District again in August…to celebrate here is a sheep in a beautiful lakeland setting….

Lakeland Sheep

Lakeland Sheep

Sheep of the Week 12 June

North Ronaldsay before Shearing

North Ronaldsay before……..

In tribute to Shrek the Sheep who died this week -here is some shearing at Spitalfields City Farm recently.

North Ronaldsay being sheared

and after…….

Sheep of the Week 5 June

A lovely friendly looking Badger Faced Sheep….

Sheep of the Week 29 May

Group of Sheep

Sheep of the Week 22 May

White Sheep sculpture near Spitalfields City Farm

Sheep Sculpture – Spitalfields

Sheep of the week this week is this sculpture which lives near Spitalfields City Farm in Buxtton St……

Sheep of the Week 15 May

Shorn Southdown

Southdown Sheep at City Farm after shearing

Not sure if this is the same Southdown that I wrongly identified recently as a North Ronaldsay – City Farm refers to them as ‘Teddy Bear Sheep’ as when they have their coat they are so fat and woolly….! Anyway I think they have great character…

Sheep of the Week 8 May

A curious sheep from Hertfordshire County Show 2010

We met this sheep at last years Hertfordshire County Show at Hatfield House. Great eye patch!!

Sheep of the Week 1 May

Ronaldsay Sheep at City Farm

Southdown Sheep at City Farm

Sheep of the Week 24 April

Two Sheep looking at the camera

Baa Ewe Looking at Me

Sheep of the Week 17 April

My logo for Flat Sheep

My logo for Flat Sheep

Sheep of the Week 10 April

Sheep putting his head through a fence

Friendly Cumbrian Sheep

We met this incredibly friendly very woolly sheep out walking in Borrowdale last summer. Not sure what breed it is but it was very pretty…..

Sheep of the Week 3 April

This week I’ve picked a Herdwick – such a pretty sheep native to Cumbria. Apparently its wool makes very good carpets…..

Herdwick Sheep

Herdwick Sheep





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