Christmas Fairs past and to come….

Setting up the stall

Chris setting up the stall

I was at the Morley College Christmas Fair on Sunday with the collective ‘London Loves Felt’ – the fair was really buzzing and seemed to go well.  I didn’t have a lot of work on the stall as I haven’t really done any felt making since April – life events have rather taken over.  But I made a bit of money with some of my old stock (the bits of it that hadn’t been banquetted on by the dreaded moth….) and some new cards with my sheep photos on them. 

I was channelling a sheep on the day as you can see….

Tess in sheep hat

I think I need to refine my hood pattern and do a bit of trimming at the back as the front kept slipping over my eyes (particularly when I tried to eat a hotdog at lunchtime!!)  My excuse is that I was working in Shetland wool and it didn’t shrink as much as the Merino I’m used to.  Yes I know you’re supposed to do a test of shrinkage first but it was a playfull hat anyway (see the post about the January 2012 hat)

London Loves Felt will be out at the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo SE1 on Friday with some of my stock there as well…

And finally some feltmaking…..

I have committed to a Christmas Fair with ‘London Loves Felt’ in few weeks’ time and so last weekend I took a deep breath and opened my boxes already completed felt items.  As I feared the moths had been banqueting despite the closed plastic boxes and the anti-moth sachets….

At least they don’t seem to have got into my boxes of wool tops – I have to be grateful for that!  So time to start on some new work, although with such limited time (and energy) not sure what I can achieve.  The events of the last year have robbed me of a lot of my ‘oomph’ and it’s going to take more than a week and a half of holiday to put it back….

I haven’t made any felt since April so to break myself in gently I made a piece of felt for my next embroidery project.  It is made in natural wool colours of Shetland with Masham, and a little coloured Merino for highlight…I am looking at doing an embroidery inspired by moss and lichen so the natural colours seemed appropriate …. I’ve also made some thin felt ‘ropes’ as Isobel showed us newbies how to do couching (ie anchoring thread/string/rope etc on the surface with small stiches) before half term, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Now I just need to get going on some berets or hoods – or at least a Christmas card or two!!

London Loves Felt at Morley Winter Fair on Sunday

I’ve been working this week on some items for a stall at Morley College on Sunday.  My studio is full of felt flower petals and sheep (currently without eyes!)  Winter Fair e-flyer

I have found a more consistent method of making the sheep – leaving fluffy ends on the legs so that they felt in more easily and sandwiching them bewteen two layers of prefelt before adding felt rolls and a black face…..

Sheep in progress

For the rest of the week I have been making flowers – I think I have now managed to produce the delicacy I was aiming at by using silk hankies and a thin layer of carded wool.

A bowl of flower petals ready to be stitched together

Now I am off to put some eyes on the poor eyeless sheep!!!

Sheep waiting for eyes