Autumnal Embroidery

I was coming to the end of embroidering my hydrangea journal cover last month just before I went on holiday, and so I rushed together an appropriately autumnal design of acorns and oak leaves to take away using the lovely new silk chiffons I bought over the summer from Wolknoll. ( I am hoping that by the time the embroidery is finished no one will be able to see the strand of hair I caught between the backing and the chiffon when I was bondawebbing it on!! The perils of doing things at the last minute.) DSCF8262

It will become a protective outside cover which has elastic down the inside centre. Then I can slip sheets of folded cartridge paper in, scribble notes about a project while I am on the move, and remove them to somewhere more permanent if I want to keep them.

The Scotsman and I have a house currently covered in some rather spectacular scaffolding, and are waiting for the weather to stay dry enough for the roofers to take our roof off and replace it with a new one in Spanish slate. Feltmaking has been put on hold as my studio is in the roof and everything is packed away stacked up and covered in dustsheets. When the roof is completed it will no longer have a leak (hurrah), and the room will have gained more light as we are adding a new skylight. It also means we can decorate and add better storage…

In the meantime I have my millinery course and the embroidery to keep me ticking over as I doubt I could find anything in a hurry in there.

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