Foraging Damsons

I have been anxiously watching the damson tree on the local disused railway line, now turned into a public walkway. I walk past the tree most mornings and it is dripping with fruit this year, but when we tried last weekend they were still clinging firmly to the tree.

However halfway through the week I noticed a few damsons had dropped, so the Scotsman and I set out on Friday afternoon with our ladder and self made ‘damson hook’ for hooking down high branches and bagged ourselves the best part of two kilos (we did leave quite a few on the tree for other people).


Now there are two bottles of damson gin macerating in our kitchen, and juice dripping from a j cloth bag hung over a pan for damson jelly. Mrs P from the launderette downstairs gave us a bag of apples from her daughter’s garden as we were on our way back from picking so I added a bit of apple too.

Now I just need to do the design for the back of my book cover. It’s all go!


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