In an Art Nouveau Style

Went to pick up my two glass panels yesterday from the Rainbow Glass Studios as I know there is an open studio for past students on most Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Richard emailed me earlier in the day to say that the greens had turned out as blues – he had mixed the colours for me himself as I was in such a hurry at the end of the Sunday session and had no idea why this had happened! We certainly hadn’t had time to do a test firing.  What did I say about not being able to see the actual colour when you are painting it on….!

Anyway to correct this he had silver stained the back of the leaves to add yelllow and turn them green so was I happy for him re fire?  I was… and by some happy accident as he admitted it had turned out the most beautiful colours and very art nouveauish.  I had used a book of free use Art Nouveau designs as a starting point so it was particularly appropriate.

Here is a link to the Rainbow Studios website where Richard has posted the work finished by myself and other students in the class (no ‘J’ panel as it’s not finished yet, but mine are the ‘T’ and the owl.)


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