Funny how they suddenly seem to have become trendy.  But then I’ve always liked them – even the ones which are the colour of ‘old ladies knickers’!  We alway seemed to have them in the garden when I was growing up.  And on holiday in Keswick a couple of years ago I saw this particularly gorgeous specimen in someone’s garden.


I decided a couple of weeks ago that my next ‘work’ embroidery would be based on hydrangeas and unearthed this photo amongst others.  Did a bit of a cut and paste job on design…..


And finally got to work with the bondaweb and some chiffon….



Layering the chiffon colours has given an interesting shadow effect as I hoped – although bits are showing a tendency to want to drop off as I did the bondawebbing in a bit of a hurry…. I’ve started on the stitching so hopefully everything will stay in place till I’m done…(Ive just realised that this photograph is upside down in relation to the design…!)

I’ve also started on a peacock design for my embroidery class but that’s another story…


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