Scrumptious Stitch

On Saturday I am off to the Mary Ward Centre to do the first Saturday of a two day course called ‘Scrumptious Stitch’.  I did a course there before Christmas –  a partner to this one called ‘Subversive Stitch’ which looked at what subversive means and has meant in the history of stitch with lots of practical exercises.  We used text in a sampler style for a phrase that appealed to us.  I picked ‘Oh what a piece of work is a (wo)man!’  which was the first thing that shot into my head .  (It was only after I had finished stitching it that the Scotsman commented that I was misquoting and not in the way I meant to.  It should be ‘Oh what a piece of work is (wo)man!’) 

We also stitched into a postcard – mine was a Magritte postcard of clouds.  I cut out and collaged some fluffy sheep in amongst the clouds and then sewed over with white thread…an idea which, if I ever find time, I will consider adapting to make greetings cards with… How to ‘add value’ using embroidery without spending hours stitching.

Everyone on the course was agreed that two days wasn’t enough for a hand embroidery course – particularly for the novice stitchers – it used to be three…we were also pretty much all agreed on the deliciousness of the food in the Mary Ward Cafe….I used to go there for lunch regularly when I worked nearby.

Anyway I have sorted out a whole load of bits of silk and velvet, beads, sequins etc and look forward to the chance to make something of them.