My studio – otherwise known as our spare bedroom – has been pretty much unusable since the end of last year.  I ‘tidied up’ at Christmas by dumping a load of stuff in there and shutting the door, and I have been adding to the piles with the detritus of various craft based projects ever since.  (The Scotsman who is a relatively organised and tidy individual despairs of my ability to create mess around myself without noticing.) 

The other problem is that the roof leaks – we have known we needed a new roof for the last 18 months.  In the process the studio will also get a lovely new skylight as it is not the lightest of rooms.  We even have the money sitting in the bank to do it.  However the life events of last year made the prospect of the upheaval it will cause just too much to contemplate.  So the studio has gradually silted up and I doubt a builder could get in there far enough to even give us a quote…

But last weekend, with a pair of half made slippers sitting reproaching me on the kitchen table, I decided it was time to make the effort – and it is now about 75% sorted.  Just another little push this weekend.  In the meantime I am going to start ringing roofers….


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