Stained Glass Painting

On Saturday I went back to the Rainbow Glass Studios in Stoke Newington to try out stained glass painting.  As I suspected I took to it much more easily than stained glass (ie Richard didn’t have to do half of it for me!!)  Apparently I am in famous company as Kirsty Allsop has taken the cameras there to film!!  It reminded me a bit of etching which I have done before – laying down a ground and then painting over or scraping away.  There is also an element of ‘painting by numbers’ as you can see your original design through the glass.

I chose a medieval looking ‘angel’ – or is that a saint – for my test piece.  Then I was let loose on my own designs.  I hadn’t had a chance to design anything new so I’d taken a couple of line drawings/watercolours with me of stones and shells.  There was only enough time to fire the kiln a few times so we didn’t get on to using colours, but we did try out some silver stain.  This is apparently the only true ‘stain’ in stained glass.  It is painted in a thick orange layer on the back of the design, but when it is fired and the residue washed off comes out various shades of yellow.  I think I rather OD d on the stones piece.  I hadn’t realised how bright the stain would come out.  

I hope to go back and do some more in the evening sessions which are open to people who have been on courses (once I can work out a sensible route to get there in time from central London).  There is a window on our first floor landing which is crying out for the stained glass treatment…. Watch this space 

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