A New Bag

Created with the help of a pony (thank you Nutmeg and Ian who rode you), Rosie’s store of naturally dyed wool and a bit of needlefelting. 

This is my section of the first large felted piece we created on the Wild Rose Escapes ‘From Fleece to Felt’ week.  Early in the week while we were in the process of dyeing our own wool we worked on a large piece of felt, each taking a section and choosing from the selection of naturally dyed wool in Rosie’s stock.  It gave the people who hadn’t carded or felted before a chance to get a feel for it and a better idea of what might be possible in the main felting days at the end of the course. 

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For me it was a chance to play with the lovely natural colours.  I also used some beautiful grey shetland fleece with its own textured ‘locks’.  Lots of us fell in love with how these looked.  I took the woodpile in the barn as my inspiration – I do love a circle!!  After the basic piece of felt had been created I used my newly acquired needlefelting skills to add some highlights and more texture.  I also needlefelted a button, as I had decided to make it into a bag – it’s softer than a wet felted button but seems pretty sturdy and the fact that it bends slightly is quite handy as I didn’t have to make the buttonhold very big.

I felted a rather thick handle – I was using fleece put throught the drum carder and wasn’t sure how strong it would be, but actually it was very strong if a little hairy!!  Finally this Sunday I got round to using my new needlefelting needles to finish off the design and also to needlefelt the bag together – although I did also add a few stitches to be on the safe side.


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