I have just bought an iPad – it’s a great tool so this is my first attempt at uploading a post from it.

Also started a nuno felt course at the City Lit. I was delighted to find when I arrived that the teacher was not the one advertised but actually Heather Belcher. We covered the basics yesterday. I know most of this, but my technique could do with work which is why I am attending the course. She uses only minimal amounts of cold water and not much soap – no towel either. Just a piece of calico….. If I can learn to do it this way will be useful for demonstrating. A lot less mess and no need for a flask of boiling water….


Here are the two pieces we made – a fully covered piece on scrim and the yellow and turquoise piece where I made a fabric “sandwich” with the spotted rounds.

I am planning to make an iPad cover over the next three weeks. Next week we look at prefelts and three d felt. I want to have a go at prefelts made from nuno as I’ve read about using them but never tried.

Finally a picture of the back of the felt samples as I often think its as interesting as the front.



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