Velvet Stitch

I learnt how to do Velvet stitch last night in class. I also learnt that it is not a good idea to learn a new and quite complicated stitch when I have raging PMT which makes me a) clumsy and b) forgetful!! I am always slightly hampered anyway by being a left handed person in a right handed world – the diagrams in the books are of course all for right handed people and it does make a difference. For example my blanket stitch improved immensely when we realised that I had to work in the opposite direction to most people ie. start on the right (I think)

Isobel demonstrates the stitches left handed for me and then I try. Last night it took me ages to get the hang of Velvet stitch which for those of you who don’t looks like a series of loops caught at the top by a line of cross stitch (you eventually cut the loops to get a shaggy finish.) Finally I got up a head of steam and managed a whole row. Then I ran out of thread and had to start a new line at which point my head went completely blank, I couldn’t even remember the first bit of the stitch and I had to be reminded again. And again….I think the penny finally dropped when Isobel said something like ‘remember the needle goes in and comes out as part of the same movement’. It doesn’t sound like much but I realised I was splitting the whole thing up into too many individual actions…

It took me most of the evening to learn it – around two hours. I just hope now it stays in my head till this evening when I can try it again!!

Off to search for a manual for left handed embroiderers…..


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