Time for some embroidery

There seems to have been a lack of the creative blog on this website recently so here’s a view  of how my embroidery is getting on….slowly but it is happening……DSCF6606I gave up on the needle lace for the moment as it doesn’t happen in the design until further down.

I wrote a post earlier in the week about how time poor I was feeling – but I decided not to upload it.  It sounded like whingeing!!   I have just put my share the money from the sale of my parent’s house into the bank and so I was also considering the fact that I would have money to do some courses this year, but not enough holiday days to allow me to do more than one long one (unless I gave up going on holiday with the Scotsman – I don’t think he’d like that and I don’t think I would either…).

But the money is only enough for the little extras in life so I must embroider and felt my cloth accordingly….


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