The thing about January….

is it’s not very encouraging as a month!  I spend my time getting to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark.  And sometimes existing for most of the day in a sort of grey murk, both actually and mentally. 

That’s when I find that creative projects come into their own – they are often what keeps me going through January.  Having said that I’ve hardly touched my current embroidery project in the last three or four weeks – its a good thing I am back at college tomorrow!

I have brought a couple of pieces of my grandfather’s embroidery back with me from Southport – he did the most beautiful delicate flower embroidery, possibly because he  liked growing flowers.  I want to show it to my embroidery teacher in the hopes that she can work out what stitches he used and then do my own homage to him….there is also a moderate sized box of old damask table napkins and the like which I can use to embroider on.  As my sister said ‘No point trying to sell them as they would probably fetch virtually nothing.  Better to use them for something….”


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