Time for some embroidery

There seems to have been a lack of the creative blog on this website recently so here’s a view  of how my embroidery is getting on….slowly but it is happening……DSCF6606I gave up on the needle lace for the moment as it doesn’t happen in the design until further down.

I wrote a post earlier in the week about how time poor I was feeling – but I decided not to upload it.  It sounded like whingeing!!   I have just put my share the money from the sale of my parent’s house into the bank and so I was also considering the fact that I would have money to do some courses this year, but not enough holiday days to allow me to do more than one long one (unless I gave up going on holiday with the Scotsman – I don’t think he’d like that and I don’t think I would either…).

But the money is only enough for the little extras in life so I must embroider and felt my cloth accordingly….

Stuff I Ought to Like….

I found this quote via a link on Mary Beard’s Blog – A Don’s Life.

“The BBC claim to have discovered a new type, the ‘middlebrow’. It consists of people who are hoping that some day they will get used to the stuff they ought to like.”  Punch, 23 December 1925

Having just been weeding my bookshelves at home I am well acquainted with ‘the stuff I ought to like’ – it is the stuff I have been convincing myself to get rid of!! 

I am well aware that the fiction I really am likely to re read is found in the mountains of cosy whodunnits that litter my shelves….

It’s not that I don’t read my fair share of other things.  There are plenty of classics and a good sprinkle of literary fiction on my bookshelves and I can’t resist a good journal, book about theatre, art book or textile book. . However, ‘Chick lit’ mostly irritates me – the characters behave so unbelievably and have no sense of humour.  (The major exception to this being Katie Fforde who I love!)  So when I want comfort reading an old fashioned detective novel is my first choice…

I also got rid of a fair number of self help books – there was a period when I bought quite a few.  But I suddenly realised looking at some of the ‘unblock yourself creatively’ type books that I don’t really need them.  I’m actually quite good at squeezing creative things into the gaps in my life and don’t need someone else to tell me how to do it. 

At the beginning of February I am due to meet up with some people I was at school with who I haven’t seen for almost thirty years.  The Scotsman asked me what I would say about my life and I said,  ‘That I have led a varied and creative life.  That I am unmarried and without children both through choice, and that I live in very happy and supportive partnership with someone I love.’  Well I didn’t say it quite like that but formulating it more clearly it was what I meant….

And life is too full to waste time with ‘stuff I ought to like…’!


The thing about January….

is it’s not very encouraging as a month!  I spend my time getting to work in the dark and leaving work in the dark.  And sometimes existing for most of the day in a sort of grey murk, both actually and mentally. 

That’s when I find that creative projects come into their own – they are often what keeps me going through January.  Having said that I’ve hardly touched my current embroidery project in the last three or four weeks – its a good thing I am back at college tomorrow!

I have brought a couple of pieces of my grandfather’s embroidery back with me from Southport – he did the most beautiful delicate flower embroidery, possibly because he  liked growing flowers.  I want to show it to my embroidery teacher in the hopes that she can work out what stitches he used and then do my own homage to him….there is also a moderate sized box of old damask table napkins and the like which I can use to embroider on.  As my sister said ‘No point trying to sell them as they would probably fetch virtually nothing.  Better to use them for something….”

And its a brand New Year

I’m not a big one for New Year resolutions…..but I am hoping to post a bit more!  The trouble with not being at work is I tend to avoid the computer (given the chance to not sit at one for seven or eight hours a day….)  It’s been a quietish time with Christmas
DSCF6419 And a final visit to the house at Coudray Road to look at the winter garden…DSCF6527Very little creating happened although I did make a trip to the Bead Shop / Delicate Stitches in Kentish Town and now have plenty of embroidery wool as well as some wool silk mix to supplement my cotton and silk alpacca threads.  The embroidery pouch never materialised although I did do a bit of needle lace for my current embroidery…

The only major thing I seem to have done apart from the general festivities is to re organise my bookshelves.  I need to fit in the extra books from my parent’s house which I have inherited.  To me getting rid of books is a bit like having teeth pulled….I think we have at least one jam packed bookshelf in every room apart from the bathroom – which is too small (Freudian slip just typed ‘a bookshop in every room’) so fitting more in is not easy….but there is now a pile of books on the living room floor waiting to go to charity….for example I finally convinced myself that if I ever managed to face reading ‘Jude the Obscure’ I could buy another copy for next to nothing…and that someone who isn’t really a writer doesn’t need about twenty books about writing (although I have kept about 15 of them as they are just so entertaining to read…)

So here we go off into 2013…..and I’m certainly hoping for a more cheerful and peaceful year full of creative things…