It’s coming on Christmas

They’re cutting down trees.  They’re putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace….(Thank you Joni….)

The people who work where I do split into:

  • the ones who are already on leave as they had to use up this year’s holiday allowance,
  • those who are desperately trying to do all the work that needs doing before they finish for the year,
  • and those who are counting the hours until they finish on Friday and get two blissful weeks off (I think you can see which category I fit into!)

It’s been a bit of a year for me….!

Apart from a short visit to see my Sister I am planning to spend my time cooking, eating, sleeping, embroidering, watching Christmas TV and going for the occasional walk. 

I do have one project planned – to make myself a felted customised pouch / bag to carry round my embroidery equipment in.  At the moment it lives mostly in a London Graphic Centre carrier bag – but I have big plans for integral pin cushions, a detachable scissors case etc.  Watch this space….

Oh and Isobel taught me how to make needle lace just before my embroidery course broke up for Christmas so I will be working on the ‘lobes’ of fungus to be attached to my current felt based embroidery.  I could have made them in felt but as she said ‘you know how to do that already’…..

William Morris Gallery

A couple of weeks ago the Scotsman and I paid a visit to the newly refurbished William Morris Gallery with some friends. 

I’ve lived in the vicinity of Walthamstow for the past twenty-five years and never gone there before, but was inspired to go by seeing some of the tapestries and embroideries currently on show in the Tate’s Pre Raphaelite Exhibition

I wish there had been a bit more about the textile work although it was interesting to read about their remarkably modern ideas when it came to marketing their goods.  For instance you could buy a handmade embroidery from their workshop or if you couldn’t afford that you could buy the ‘kit’ and embroider it yourself. 

Anyway, the combination of both exhibtions has left me wanting to find out more about May Morris (William’s daughter) who seems to have taken after her father both in an artistic and political sense….

I particularly liked this William Morris quote:  “If a chap can’t compose an epic poem while he’s weaving a tapestry, he had better shut up, he’ll never do any good at all.”  Top bloke!!

Christmas Fairs past and to come….

Setting up the stall

Chris setting up the stall

I was at the Morley College Christmas Fair on Sunday with the collective ‘London Loves Felt’ – the fair was really buzzing and seemed to go well.  I didn’t have a lot of work on the stall as I haven’t really done any felt making since April – life events have rather taken over.  But I made a bit of money with some of my old stock (the bits of it that hadn’t been banquetted on by the dreaded moth….) and some new cards with my sheep photos on them. 

I was channelling a sheep on the day as you can see….

Tess in sheep hat

I think I need to refine my hood pattern and do a bit of trimming at the back as the front kept slipping over my eyes (particularly when I tried to eat a hotdog at lunchtime!!)  My excuse is that I was working in Shetland wool and it didn’t shrink as much as the Merino I’m used to.  Yes I know you’re supposed to do a test of shrinkage first but it was a playfull hat anyway (see the post about the January 2012 hat)

London Loves Felt will be out at the Lower Marsh Market in Waterloo SE1 on Friday with some of my stock there as well…

And I was doing so well….

At managing to post regularly……..

At least my first embroidery on felt has been progressing more quickly and I.n trying various new techniques.  Isobel showed me how to raise part of the embroidery by sewing a patch onto the back of the embroidery – backstitching in a shape from my design and then slitting and stuffing from the back before stitching over the top in two colours.  I learnt to do coral stitch for the edges altho I do keep forgetting which way to wind my thread around the needle.

I made the suggestion to use silk and applique the green patch.  I am now happily french knotting all over it – I do love a french knot….DSCF6402