Design for Embroidery

Thursday found me sitting in my embroidery class with a piece of felt, some felt ropes, threads, lots of photos of lichen, moss and fungus in front of me and no idea where to start turning it all into an embroidery.  Luckily that is what teachers are for!  Isobel got me to identify the bits of the photos I liked (with a bit of input from her) and then draw something out.  She said ‘Once you’ve drawn it it will be a lot easier to see the stitches….’

Luckily drawing is something I don’t have a major problem with so I took the various bits and drew sections from different photos into a long design, and as I had brought my portable watercolour box with me I coloured in and then used a black felt pen to add details.  Below are details of the photos I used and the finished design…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sure enough Isobel was then able to make suggestions about potential use of stitches – and started by showing me how to stuff / raise some of the areas by backstitching a piece of additional material to the back, making a slit and filling with wadding….

Only trouble is that I realised that the piece of felt I had made wasn’t right.  It needs to be plainer and also a different shape – rectangular rather than square.  So off to make more felt now….


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