A Cup of Tea

I am of the belief that one of life’s greatest small pleasures is a cup of tea.  Whether that be everyday Yorkshire Teabags, Earl Grey Blueflower, Darjeeling or Jasmine it does make the world a better place! 

Whenever the Scotsman and I visit Keswick in the Lake District we always hope that our favourite teashop has not lived up to its name and become a Temporary Measure.  Thankfully it was still there in October. We managed to restrain ourselves and only visit it four times during the week….the lure not only being tea but also very good homemade cake.  And, like the Japanese tourists we saw in Paris taking pictures of everything they ate, we photographed the delicious cake and pretty china….(the scone was particularly good – just out of the oven.)

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The shop also sells quirky artwork and books by its owner, Emma Smalley  and lots of knitting based items – I’ve bought cards in the past, but this time indulged in some of the beautiful alpaca and silk yarn.  I couldn’t resist the colours and will be using it to embroider on felt….watch this space.

The Scotsman and I have an idea that one day we may run a lovely little teashop and felting emporium inspired by Emma’s shop….well a girl has to have a dream….!


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