Baby Steps in Embroidery……

I have been learning to do chain stitch – well actually three different types of chain stitch – normal, twisted chain and another that I can’t remember the name of….its what I used for the leaves in the picture anyway – a sort of single chain stitch that is locked off (except there are several one inside another here so you can’t really see them.

Last week in class we only got as far as running stitch and whipped running stitch so there wasn’t much to show.

Glad that the teacher decided against a sampler with rows of each stitch and let us draw a picture to embroider instead!  I think rows with no purpose apart from to learn the stitches might have driven me mad…..I do like to see some sort of result.  I suppose felting where you get results relatively fast has spoiled me a little for the something as slow and painstaking as embroidery….

But I’m sticking with it and attempting to learn patience!!


4 thoughts on “Baby Steps in Embroidery……

  1. are the leaves lazy daisy? I like whipped chain myself, even though it does sound a bit bdsm.
    am glad your teacher lets you make a picture, theres noting worse than tedious rowa to elarn perfectionism – plus you need to know how to stich round corers anyway, so…

    • Could be one name for them, but I don’t think it’s the one she used. Still waiting for my encyclopedia of embroidery stitches to arrive…we learned whipped running stitch the first week so maybe this week we will ‘whip’ our chainstitch! Actually I’m hoping for french knots at I want to put pips onto my strawberries (I know how to do them but I may not be doing them right…)

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