Creative Embroidery

I am about to embark on a course of Creative Embroidery at The Institute in East Finchley. 

At the end of last year I made a wall hanging for a play which involved stitching / embroidering rats onto the border of a curtain (!!) and really enjoyed the absorbing nature of the sewing.  So when I was looking around for an evening course at a time and place that was practical to get to after work this presented itself.

My Grandfather was an embroiderer. He learnt in the First World War when he was an orderly in the Medical Corps.  (When I get a chance I will take some photos of the beautiful tablecloths he embroidered and post them.)  I inherited his box of embroidery threads – maybe more at the time because I liked the colours but I still have them. 

I also have ‘Una Stubbs – In Stitches’ and ‘Erica on Embroidery’ amongst my craft books from youthful dabbles into stitching… and the Creative Textiles course I went on in 2010-11 led me a bit further into the subject.  I can do a mean French knot – it’s about the only embroidery stitch I can do well but it’s a start!  I steered clear of the embellishing machines owing to my sewing machine phobia, but hope that this course might convert me.

I was told by my original felt teacher that felt makes a great surface for embroidery.  (In fact that was the reason she learnt to make felt in the first place).  Anyway we shall see tomorrow night….watch this space.

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