A Big Beret (or the April Hat by mistake….)

Last weekend I decided to make a couple of berets – following on from my beret making course in January…. (I may have a stall coming up in May and would like some new stock). 

I used what I thought was the round template from the course….. which makes a ten or eleven inch beret.  I layed it out last weekend and was all ready to felt and full it yesterday.  But it didn’t seem to be shrinking down to the size I expected and it was then that I noticed the rolled up template on the floor of the studio!  And I realised too late that I had accidentally used a round template for a hat brim – which was about five inches bigger….

So now I have a very big beret!!!

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I wondered if it was beyond use but I tried it on and scrunched and folded it while it was still damp and actually I quite like it…. even the Scotsman says it has something (although he didn’t specify what!!)




I like my studio noticeboard – its sort of like a great big three D sketchbook page.

This is what it looks like at the moment….relatively recent additions an Alan Measles badge and some bits that didn’t make it onto the February Hat…


The March Hat Finally made it….

It was finished last weekend and I’m not entirely happy….it remained very hairy.  Much hairier than the previous version.  I think this may have been caused by leaving it to dry between the second and third layers (because I was so busy)  The mohair never really integrated itself properly!!  And the felt generally isn’t as well made as I would like – look at that brim on the final hat!

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The shape is closer to the squashed top hat that I was aiming at although there is still room for improvement.  But I have discovered that the pipe lagging  I use as a roller has an additional use to roll a brim round… works particularly well as it can be pinned into….