An Anniversary….a year today

I wrote my first ever blog post…

There hasn’t been much posting going on recently owing to the temporary revival of my acting ‘career’.  This finally comes to fruition tomorrow at the Britannia Arms in Hackney –The Time Travellers Mother by Eddie Coleman (directed by The Scotsman)

Its been hard work flexing my acting muscles again and all for a single night – 35 minutes in a small room above a pub!  Its a lovely short play though,  very well crafted story.  And the process of Emma, John and I working with Eddie to hone the dialogue so that it sounds natural has been an interesting one.  Owing to the ‘time travelling’ nature of the play I get to be four different incarnations of the same person  – everyone’s favourite I think being the one we have nicknamed ‘Crazy Cat Lady’. 

I have just spent my lunchbreak trying to squeeze those last few elusive lines of dialogue and cues into my ageing brain (‘And I suppose he gave you your very own clipboard!.’ …..)

Hopefully it will then be back to some felting over Easter.  I have a hat which has been sitting in the studio waiting for its last layer since the weekend before last….It is probably almost dry by now.  I took the thin plastic layer off when I realised I wasn’t going to finish it so it didn’t start to smell / rot…


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