I am still here….honest

I will be acting in a one act play at the end of the month and most of my spare time seems to be taken up with rehearsing and learning lines.  Its called The Time Travellers Mother (I am the TTM) and is being put on by the Tower Theatre – details here

The March Hat has suffered as a result – I did make a hat earlier this month.  A lovely green one with a mixed Mohair and Merino top layer.  But I was aiming for a Mad Hatter squashed top hat shape and didn’t get it first time round – I think I know what I did wrong….It is a lovely March Hat but not the March Hat!

It is funny acting again after a break of maybe two years….apart from the scary ‘will my aging brain remember the lines’ feeling, I also realise that I have fallen out of love with acting (much as I still love the theatre).  It used to be my obsession but now it feels rather like a past lover – nice to remember but the passion has gone.

It  has of course been supplanted by my new love – felt in all its variety.  I have gone from being an interpreter to a creator and it feels good!


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