I like Lists

I frequently find myself writing them whether they be work to do lists, personal to do lists, lists of what I learnt (see my post about the courses I did recently), shopping lists, lists of packing – the list you could say is endless!!

Recently I discovered the blog site Lists of Note from which I have been garnering all sorts of useless information.  For example wartime golf rules at Richmond Golf club including:

  • A ball moved by enemy action may be replaced, or if lost or destroyed, a ball may be dropped not nearer the hole without penalty.
  • A player whose stroke is affected by the simultaneous explosion of a bomb may play another ball from the same place. Penalty, one stroke.

And also so useful creative advice – from the 11 Commandments author Henry Miller wrote for himself.

  • ‘Forget the books you want to write. Think only of the book you are writing.’ (I should be thinking about designs for my February Hat but instead my brain keeps getting sidetracked into March, April etc etc.)

Finally talking of creative lists click here for Creative Inspiration otherwise known as an interesting article from the Guardian in January .  I particularly like Polly Morgan’s list of advice -I also like her art…photos below which I took at an exhibition at the Haunch of Venison last year…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Her suggestions include:

  • Don’t wait for a good idea to come to you. Start by realising an average idea – no one has to see it. If I hadn’t made the works I’m ashamed of, the ones I’m proud of wouldn’t exist.
  • Don’t restrict yourself to your own medium. It is just as possible to be inspired by a film-maker, fashion designer, writer or friend than another artist. Cross-pollination makes for an interesting outcome.
  • Don’t try to second-guess what people will want to buy. Successful artists have been so because they have shown people something they hadn’t imagined. If buyers all knew what they wanted before it had been made, they could have made it themselves, or at least commissioned it.
  • Don’t be afraid to scrap all your hard work and planning and do it differently at the last minute. It’s easier to hold on to an idea because you’re afraid to admit you were wrong than to let it go.

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