A Long Weekend of Courses

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I have spent the last three days doing courses – on Friday ‘Cobweb Felt’ with Lizzie Houghton, on Saturday ‘Introduction to the Sewing Machine’ at Morley College and yesterday ‘Felt Berets’ once again with Lizzie (who is the person who first taught me to make felt..)  Today is a day for recovery after all that output…I’ve discovered some interesting things:

Sewing Machines need cleaning and oiling regularly (who knew!!) and that they aren’t scary after all!!

50 / 50 mix wool and silk makes beautifully soft felt – now if I can just find some ready dyed as I can’t dye at home and am not ready to make everything in white

Cashmere and Tussore Silk mix makes very cobwebby felt – I’m off to buy some at the Handweavers Gallery after I’ve written this.

You can use a basic beret pattern to make all sorts of shapes of hat – not just berets..

But I think that if I want to make floppy berets I’m going to have to try using Nunofelt

If you lay out wool tops in a single fine layer you can still make a sheet of felt – it will just have holes in it…


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