Making Unnecessary Beauties

I read this last week in AL Kennedy’s occasional series ‘On Writing’ in the Guardian Online and as Helene Hanff would say ‘I hollered Comrade!’

‘The pure act of writing – the truth that it is still there for you and you for it – is a wonder. And it need have nothing to do with the details of your life. Within it, you can be away from everything and saying out new dreams, just because you can, because human beings do sing for other human beings and make unnecessary beauties.’

I would enlarge this to include any creative pursuit, whether it be writing, feltmaking, acting, photography….Having a creative project ticking over in my head has rescued me from many a bleak January.   Here’s to the creation of unncessary beauties!

And it reminds me that, given how much I enjoy Alison Kennedy’s journalistic prose and TV punditry, I really must read some of her fiction…

AL Kennedy I salute you and as you would say….Onwards.


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