2012 Hat Project – A January Hat

The Scotsman suggested that I made a project in 2012 with a hat per month.  The January hat was already underway when he suggested this – a sheep themed hat based on my photo  ‘The sheep that looks like Andrew Marr’. It also came from seeing so many people on the London Underground wearing (mostly knitted) hats with animal ears.  I found myself thinking “I could felt ears easily into a hat…

So it is a hood with very big ears, a sheep-nose like front, dreadlock like fringing and is made in natural coloured wool .  I think the wool I used was Shetland in two colours  (but it could have been Jacob as I very cleverly forgot to label the bags when I bought it!)  with a little pink merino for contrast and because of the inside ear colour.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On basic completion of the hat it was much too big (see photo 6) even for the Scotsman.  Not sure whether this was because I made the template too big, because Shetland wool shrinks less than the merino I usually use or literally just because I hadn’t shrunk it enough.  A bit of all three probably… I ended up cutting it down a little and also turning back the nose piece that I had originally intended to sit over the forehead.  The upside of playing around and doing this was that the pink inside was exposed to frame the face which I really like!

And so on to the next hat – As it is a February hat I am thinking ‘Valentines Day’…also I’m doing a Cobweb Felt course at the end of January so hoping to incorporate something cobbwebby…. Watch this space…


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