Its a Brand New Year…..

Maybe I should make a resolution to write here more often, but I’m not going to as I don’t usually do NY resolutions….January always seems the worst possible time to embark on difficult things…cold, dark and very little money after Christmas.  Seems more like the time to be nice to yourself!

So what have I been doing…..?  Making my first pork pie…

A Big Pork Pie

And mayonnaise…..

Making Mayo

Having a party…..

Party Table

And I’ve just embarked on a new hat – or hood rather as I sold my only one at the Morley Fair….to a man too !

The Scotsman has suggested that I try to make a hat a month (at least), themed to the month / time of year… Although my intended first hat of the year is a sheep hood with ears… after seeing so many people walking round with Knitted hats with ears…the ears are based on my photo of ‘the sheep that looks like Andrew Marr’ so I may have made them too big!!  Watch this space…

I also aim to do more embroidery this year as I really enjoyed embroidering over the rats on the Turn of the Screw curtain.  Here finally are pictures of them…


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