What I’ve been doing recently…..

Still struggling to balance work and creativity….however I have been doing a big wall hanging for a double bill of ‘The Judges House’ by Bram Stoker and ‘Turn of the Screw ‘ by Henry James currently being done by CP Players (on until Sunday)   Its a big piece and I’ve been trying out using Dylon Image Maker paste which allows you to print photocopies onto fabric as my drawing is OK, but not really up to the Devil being thrown out of heaven by the hand of God!!

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My friend Barrie who asked me to do it does like grey!  Unfortunately the pictures of the rats couched and stitched came out blurry so I will have to wait till I get them back from the theatre to take some more photos….

Now I’d better get back to the feltmaking as I have a Christmas Fair coming up at Morley College in a couple of weeks…..argh!