Finding a good balance….

Something I haven’t really been doing since I returned to full time work…. !  I’ve been trying to carve out time for creative projects, but so much of my time seems to be spent doing the work thing and then the shopping, cooking, washing and housework that all of us need to do to keep going….

I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show last weekend at Alexandra Palace (or Ally Pally as it is known around here).  Its just up the road on a bus from me and I spent far too much money on ‘silk hankies’, hand dyed tops, and particularly buttons as I found the Textile Garden stall which was being mobbed in a feeding frenzy for buttons and pins…great to see so many lovely buttons at an affordable prices.  I shall certainly be visiting their website to explore further…

The spoils of my visit to Ally Pally

One thing I have been experimenting with recently is felted flowers – I ended up  making a nunofelt version with one layer of sik hankie and one of wool in an attempt to get them as fine and petal like as possible.  Hence all my buying of silk at the K and S Show…..

There is still some work to do but they are getting there…