Roger is Having One of his Dark Days

Was at Kings Place quite a lot last weekend for their yearly festival of taster concerts and while there went around the wonderful Berger and Wyse food cartoon exhibition in the Guardian Gallery next door.   Many of the cartoons made me laugh out loud.

They have a huge fabric sculpture of a pig from a cartoon captioned  Roger is having one of his dark days

Well the photo opportunity was irrestistable!!

Me and big pink fabric pig

Me and Roger

The Thames Festival

London Loves Felt had its first outing at The Thames Festuval this weekend – we sold felt, talked to lots of people about felt and the sun shone (contrary to what was being said by the weathermen.)

Setting up the stall

It was good to see so many genuirne craftspeople and artists taking part under the auspices of Southwark Arts Forum.  We were able to spread the word about felt, and promote  the classes at Morley where most of us met.

Thanks also to the person who sold me a cut price apple and cinnamon cupcake as a fellow stall holder!!

And especially thanks to Chris who did the majority of the organising and made beautiful personalised designer labels for us all….

Not much felting happening recently……

You may have noticed that there have not been many felting posts recently….or many posts at all!  I went back into full time work last week after 8 months not in paid work (mostly by choice although I hadn’t intended the break to last quite so long!!).  And I spent the last two or three months filling in application forms etc for quite a lot of the time – it takes a remarkable amount of time and energy….

However now I am working for a publishing company 9.00-6.00 –  still in the proscess of working out how to fit my creative life around paid work once again……

However last weekend I did make a small bag to match one of the first hats I ever made.  It has come out quite well (although I’m not sure I could say the same about the photos.)

Green hat and bag with flaps and spikes

Old Hat, New Bag

The bag is quite a complicated design with integral flaps and spikes to match the hat.  It also has a felt button and a stripey inside.  Basically just for fun I threw lots of different techniques at it!!

Close up of small green bag

Unfortunately I forgot that the flap on the main body of the bag was due to fold back once it was finished so I decorated the wrong side.

Stripey inside

But I do like it – I think it has quite a sporan like appearance….

Oh and its going to be a busy week this week.  I’m preparing for a stall at Hays Galleria with the felting collective ‘London Loves Felt’ (of which more later).

And I have a play to see on Tuesday, I’m acting as auditions’ secretary for the Scotsman and my friend Barrie on Wednesday (of which also more later) and four nights of concert going at the Kings Place Festival  Thursday to Sunday…..

I must be mad!!