This weeks posts come with extra sheep…!

At our visit to Hertfordshire County Show this year I took quite a few pictures of sheep and this time managed to make notes of what breed each of them was……

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Apologies to any sheep who I have misidentified…

County Show

We visited the Hertfordshire County Show at the weekend – a show that apparently has more sheep breeds in attendance than any other county show.  So lots of chance to look at the sheep as well as pygmy goats and pigs….

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I fell in love with the big woolly Cotswold Sheep – apparently they are descended from a breed farmed by the Romans.  Also a woman who was spinning by her sheep pens in the show tents gave me a sample  of the Whitefaced Dartmoor wool tops from her sheep to trial felting with.  Her daughter said she had used it sucessfully although the raw wool pre washing worked best.

There were many other delights to sample as well – we now have a freezer with lots of sausage in it – we watched the heavy horse drivers negotiating a timed obstacle course thundering past us at unlikely speeds for such big (and beautiful) animals, drank local cider and watched morris dancers and  a woodturner making a spurtle (porridge stirer).   A good day out all round…..


Places that I like…..

Just back from the Lake District which has lots of places that I like….. beautiful lakes the most beautiful of which in my opinion is Derwentwater in the Borrowdale Valley.

Derwentwater on a rainy day

Where this year we met lots of sheep – including one that looked like Andrew Marr

… its the ears!!

Tea at Temporary Measure

We had tea in our favourite little tea shop, Temporary Measure in Keswick , where they are quite rightly of the opinion that ‘there is nothing in the world that can not be improved by the prescence of tea and biscuits’  Believe me this toffee cake was delicious…..

And we also visited   The Theatre by the Lake  also in Keswick –  it works on a repertory system so you can see different shows most nights of the week if you want – and depending on which ones you pick you can have the fun of seeing the same actors in different roles eg this year we saw the actor Matthew Vaughan as the frantic Director in ‘Noises Off’ by Michael Frayn, a showbizzy entertainer being set up for a media sting in ‘ Dumb Show’ by Joe Penhall and an American Hostage tortured by his own fears in ‘Soneone Who’ll Watch Over Me’ by Frank McGuinness…..

We’ve not seen a bad show yet and we’ve been going there for about 5 or 6 years….

Land of Silence and Sheep….

Back from the Lake District  – where we have been listening to the silence and talking to the sheep, who the Scotsman and I decided were all called Charlie…..or Charlene – (except for Adolf who was making plans to annexe the next field..!  Well we were on holiday……)

More tomorrow.

Sheep in the mists at the top of Lattrigg Fell in the Lake District

Sheep in the Mist on Lattrigg

A Visit to the Fernery….

Visiting my Dad last week in Southport I finally went at a time when I could get into the  Fern House at the Botanical Gardens.  Last February I pressed my nose in vain to the glass as, with snow threatening, they had the doors firmly locked…. It is a strange primeval world tamed and romatisiced by the Victorians who constructed it…..

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Hat Blocks as Art…..

I was in Merseyside last week visiting my Dad and went with my sister Fran to Tate Liverpool to see the Magritte exhibition – The Pleasure Principle.  Liverpool seemed to be buzzing on a beautiful day under a blue sky.

Liver Building with new Museum of Liverpool in foreground

Perhaps its time as the European City of Culture has really made a difference – or perhaps it was just the effect of the first day of the school holidays!!!

On our way back through the gallery after seeing the exhibition (which was excellent) we noticed the This is Sculpture rooms one of which is currently curated by Philip Treacey, the milliner.  Along with his choices of artwork was a display his personal collection of beautiful wooden and scrim hatblocks….

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