Textile Jewellery Course

On Friday I did a one day textile jewellery course at Morley College…..some of the things covered were similar to those done on the Creative and Experimental Textiles. (But lovely to have access to equipment such as the heat press.)  I spent my time working with Pelmet Vilene to make cuff like bracelets.

The green one was originally intended to be inspired by waves – but the colours that the dye paper we were using meant that it turned out more like a garden.  I added some embroidery to complement this…..

I then made a second one using lace to transfer a pattern onto the vilene once I had dyed it abasic red colour.  I was thinking of it like an actual lace cuff so I put a fake button on it.   Debby also showed us a whole new way to use a soldering iron to burn small holes in the vilene.  I was aiming for it to look like lace.

Finally I sowed some of the actual lace onto the bracelet  The lace print doesn’t show up very well on the photo but the holes made by the soldering iron do….

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