Cyanotype Printing and Indigo Dying

At my Morley College Textiles course we have been experimenting with Indigo Dying and Cyanotype Printing this term.  I particularly like the Cyanotype printing which uses UV light – either sunlight or the UV bed – and works in a similar way to early photography.  It can be used by putting objects like feathers, leaves etc directly onto the cloth and exposing to the sunlight, but I have been making drawings and using acetates.

Drawing based on lichen with acetate version

Drawing and Acetate

I have been frustrated by the results using sunlight – it doesn’t pick up the delicate lines even when I put it under glass to keep the acetate flat against the material (and to stop it blowing away!!!).  However as long as it is run often enough through the UV bed cycle it gets a beautifully delicate result even showing the marks where stray threads from the fraying edges get onto the cloth by mistake……

Based on a photo of some lichen

The pattern is based on photos of some lichen on rocks…………..

I have incorporated this plus my indigo dying efforts into an appliqued bag (also indigo dyed).  Now I am in the procses of embroidering on top of the applique..

Indigo and Cyanoprint bag

Indigo and Cyanoprint bag

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