What a bad blogger I am……!

No word for absolutely ages!!  But I am still here – so what have I been doing?

Firstly making Jam and Chutney…..perhaps it is because I am not earning regularly at the moment but it seems to engender in me the desire to fill the freezer and the larder…….

Several pots of homemade jam with homemade labels

Homemade jam and Homemade Labels

I’m particularly pleased with the bramble jelly as I picked the blackberries myself on a walk along Parklands Walk earlier this week.  I have the scratches to prove it.  It seems very early for blackberries – the main crop is still green on the bushes but I managed to get about a pound of berries.  Oh and its delicious!  Hugh Fearnley Whitenstall would be proud of me….

I’ve also been wrestling with the paint application on my computer to draw the illustrations for the labels….drawing with a mouse isn’t the easiest thing in the world but as I don’t have a scanner its one way to get little cartoons…..

Labels for Strawberry Jam with strawberry illlustrationI have made chutney before but this is my first atttempt at jam and my first batch of strawberry, made yesterday, will have to be reboiled.  Despite using jam sugar and orange peel like my mother used to it hasn’t set properly.  I think I got a little bit impatient and stopped boiling it too soon…………………..

Feltwise I have two projects on the go.  I have had some Blue Faced Leicester Humbug wool for a while and I wanted to make some natural colour bags.  Those of you who know my work will know I can’t normally resist strong colours…..but the bags have turned out quite well –  although they lose most of the lovely stripe in the felting.  I made stripey insides to compensate…..

Two Blue Faced Leicester Humbug bags
Blue Faced Leicester Humbug bags showing striped insides





And the other thing I have been doing is making preparations for a feltmaking birthday party I will be doing next weekend….a new venture but one that could be interesting…..the Scotsman is coming along to support me and I think he will be wearing the King of the Shepherds hat….

Hearts and sprinkles in pink prefelt

Felting Party prefelt


So the studio is currently full of prefelt hearts, circles, sprinkles etc as we are decorating prefelt bags.

Most of the girls have opted for a deep purple colour for the base of their bag so there will be lots of pinks, purples, reds, yellows, oranges etc happening in the next week or so…..


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