An experiment in Needlefelting…

Golly just wrote this post and somehow deleted the whole thing when I published it… Here goes again

I just bought my first needlefelting tool from the Handweavers Gallery, my local wool shop. ( It took me a few minutes to work out that the handle undid and that was how you put the needles in…!)

I don’t really see myself as a natural needlefelter – it always seems so delicate and precise but willing to try new things and I reckoned it would be useful for those days when you’ve made a beautiful bag but discover too late that it has a thin patch!!!  I hope those days will get less and less…but till then…

Who knows  – I might discover that I love it and suddenly take to the embelishing machine at college like a duck to water….

Also bought this book on Needlefelting – A beginners guide to Needlefelting by Susanna Wallis.  It gets five stars on Amazon so I hope it can teach me the basics.  I’m usually much better when someone shows me in person rather than learning from a book but it looks quite straightforward to follow.


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