Black Bags

I recently boughjt some pretty black vintage buttons at a vintage fair so last  Black Glass Buttonsweek I worked on the first of (hopefuly) a series of black bags for them to go on.  I was interupted in my aim by a stomach bug which laid me low for several days (and also stopped me writing here…)

Being me I couldn’t resist putting some colour into the bag although next time I really will try to keep it plain black or perhaps just make the lining coloured!

So the one I made has pink decoration and pink silk hanky in the lining…..

Pink and Black Clutch Bag

Pink and Black Clutch Bag

Inside of Pink and Black Clutch Bag with pink lining

Inside of Pink and Black Clutch Bag


Yesterday in Highgate

Sewing a button on a new bag

Sewing a button on a new bag

Hello to anyone who came to the stall yesterday at Lauderdale House…..We went for a stall inside the house this time and given the weather yesterday I was really glad that we did!!  The feltmaking demonstration creates lots of interest.  However I am left with a number of small bags and sample pieces which are often attractive designs but not the best made pieces of felt in the world.  It isn’t always possible to talk to people and concentrate on laying an even layer of wool at the same time!

I am thinking about having a basket of them on the stall explaining their provenance, and suggesting that people who want to give them a good home  make me an offer…..People also seem to like the sample pieces I put with my photos and I have sold several of them.  I made a couple yesterday which I liked so maybe this is a  good way to go with demonstrating…….
Piece of felt with peacock designOrange flower sample
I also got a chance to try out the two  scarves I have made on the public.  They had some interest but it seems that I need to work on getting the size right.

Pink Silk Nunofelt Scarf

This pink one is very pretty but maybe too short to be worn  wrapped round the neck.  The cream one is much longer but more like a stole / wrap than a scarf.  Its all in the proportions……Looking on Etsy it seems that makers are mostly seeling scarves that are at least a metre and a half long, but often thinner than mine.

Cream Chiffon Nunofelt Scarf with blue flowers

Cream Chiffon Nunofelt Scarf

Shrek the Sheep is mourned

The news of the death of celebrity New Zealand Merino Sheep ‘Shrek ‘ caught my eye this week.

Shrek the Sheep in tull fleece

Shrek became a celebrity when he evaded the shearers for six year by hiding in caves.  To see a little film about him on the BBC click here.

He was finally caught by shearers and lost his giant 27kg (60lb) fleece in a televised shearing.  That would make a lot of felt!!

Nunofelt Scarves

I went to Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush to buy some silk last week from Classic Textiles in Goldhawk Road – an excellent place to buy inexpensive silk and other fabrics so I have been trying out some nunofelt techniques for scarf making.  For once I have been making samples rather than just pitching in.

Two samples of Nunofelt on silk in purples

Samples of one sided Nunofelt on silk

Back of one sided Nunofelt samples

I like the fronts of these samples but think the backs aren’t very interesting.  ‘The Scotsman’ (my other half) came up with a useful suggestion though.  He said “Why don’t you put some of the pattern on the front and some on the back so you will see part wool and part shadow on each side…. Seems like a great idea so I will be trying it.

Meantime I tried a doublesided scarf on silk.

Double sided silk and felt scarf

It makes a heavier weight of scarf but its still quite light so again I think its a goer.  I am also trying to make some lighter colours as I tend to be drawn to rich strong colour – I need to explore my pastel side a bit more!

Next I had a go at some ‘cobweb’ felt using silk hankies as a base – ie very fine felt with a lot of silk fibre in it.  Think this needs more work….

Finally I had a go at network felt where you purposely leave holes in the felt.  This turned out quite well – not really a summer scarf but I could do some great things with pseudo tartan come the autumn – lots of possibilities….

Network Felt

Watch this space and my Etsy site for scarves to appear….but The Scotsman has arrived home and tells me he has bought beer (as it has been a long wet Monday) so maybe I won’t start anything this evening…..

ps I believe the block of shops that Classic Textiles is in is threatened with demolition in order to put up flats.  These are mostly family owned stores including an old fashioned pie and mash shop – there is a campaign to save them with a facebook group  at  Save 30-52 Goldhawk Road from Demolition

An experiment in Needlefelting…

Golly just wrote this post and somehow deleted the whole thing when I published it… Here goes again

I just bought my first needlefelting tool from the Handweavers Gallery, my local wool shop. ( It took me a few minutes to work out that the handle undid and that was how you put the needles in…!)

I don’t really see myself as a natural needlefelter – it always seems so delicate and precise but willing to try new things and I reckoned it would be useful for those days when you’ve made a beautiful bag but discover too late that it has a thin patch!!!  I hope those days will get less and less…but till then…

Who knows  – I might discover that I love it and suddenly take to the embelishing machine at college like a duck to water….

Also bought this book on Needlefelting – A beginners guide to Needlefelting by Susanna Wallis.  It gets five stars on Amazon so I hope it can teach me the basics.  I’m usually much better when someone shows me in person rather than learning from a book but it looks quite straightforward to follow.