Help please re Etsy Shop…

Hi there to anyone reading this.  I think -fingers crossed- that I have just added a link to my new Etsy Shop on my sidebar.

This isn’t strictly speaking supposed to be possible so I have followed suggestions on the help blog and I think it has worked.  I would be grateful if someone reading this could try clicking the link and see what they get – I’m not sure if I’m getting the right place on Etsy as its my site so I can automatically see it!!  (There are only a couple of items on there so far as I am in the process of taking and uploading photos  from various angles….)

Golly – all this techie stuff is a bit complicated!

Blue and Orange Handbag still drying

Blue and Orange Handbag still drying

Here is a picture of the bag I finished this morning just to add something pretty to the post….its not even quite dry yet but I am pleased with it.  For some reason this cobalt blue wool seems to make a particularly smooth felt – different colours of wool really do seem to have different characters….!  The orange decoration is made with a prefelt that I attached before fulling the bag.


2 thoughts on “Help please re Etsy Shop…

  1. Hi Kim – did you mean you can’t see the yellow hat on wordpress (which I know as Etsy doesn’t officially lnk to WordPress so I had to do a workround via linking to a photo on Etsy which I think is too big to show in the sidebar) or you can’t see it on Etsy which is more of a pain?


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