A Visit to the Petrie Museum

Last week my Textiles tutor at Morley College, Debby, mentioned a London Museum I’d never heard of before – The Petrie Museum.  So yesterday myself and my friend Linda went in search of it.

Tess at the Petrie Museum

Tess at the Petrie Museum

Turns out that it is hidden away inside University College London and is stuffed with Egyptian Artefacts all displayed in big cases with typed and in some cases handwritten labels.

They have a wealth of jewellery and I was particularly interested in the stylised deorations on the pottery and made several drawings of lotuses and fish which I hope may come in useful.

Here are some more of my photos – I thought I’d better not use my flash although I couldn’t see any signs saying no photography.  I particularly like the beaded dress….but I am a very bad historian.  I photographed things because I liked what they looked like so I can’t report anything about what they actually are or when they date from!!

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