A New Hat….

Last week while I was getting ready for the Sheep Fayre I allowed myself the pleasure of making a new hat… Its my favourite thing having been a hat person since my teens. (As a child I only remember a fluffy pink angora hat whch my mother made we wear to church and which itched like crazy.  Luckily it didn’t put me off hats in later life!)

I have been experimenting with nunofelt hats – nunofelt was invented in the 1990s and is a way of bonding fabric and wool tops to make a light flexible material which is particularly suited to the making of clothes.  I wanted to try and make a lighter weight of hat with summer coming on….

   Green Nunofelt Hat

The hat is made on silk chiffon with a single layer of wool – I make sure that I don’t lay all in the same direction.  It  has some snippets of silk of various colours to make the brim decoration and some white ‘silk hankie’ on the main body of the hat as I like the cobwebbed effect it makes.  The hat itself is so fine that it is almost seethrough in places, but strong nontheless….


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