A Great Day at Spitalfields City Farm yesterday

Tess at the Sheep and Wool Fayre with her stall

Stall at the Sheep and Wool Fayre

We had a lovely sunny day out at Spitalfields City Farm Sheep and Wool Fayre yesterday…. We said hello to the animals, watched sheep being sheared and cheered on the human ‘sheep’ who took part in the sheep race at the end of the day… I sat on a hay bail watching a fashion show by a student from the London College of Fashion and was nearly jumped on by a Southdown Sheep being led round the ring by one of the models, when it suddenly decided it wanted to leave!

The Felt Sheep brooches went down very well.  I’m considering making  pigs as well – I adore them almost as much as sheep…

Watching the people at the stall next door cooing over skeins of beautiful individually dyed wool it was obvious that there is a wide network knitters who communicate regularly in person and via the internet…

Maybe feltmaking could be the next big thing!!


2 thoughts on “A Great Day at Spitalfields City Farm yesterday

  1. Ah yes, it’s that knit mafia in force! It was so lovely to meet you both on Sunday. I had a great afternoon, and thank you so much for being great stall neighbours 🙂

    • Hi Larissa, – I didn’t realise that you were a fellow wordpress person… I’m terrrible at taking contact details!! If I had them I would have put a link to you in my blog. Guess I’ll learn eventually..
      ps – I didn’t actually like to refer to them as the Knitting Mafia in my blog – as a non knitter

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