Felted Crescent Necklaces

I’ve been making  a new type of felted necklace I found in the book Feltmaking and Wool Magic by Jorie Johnson, an American Feltmaker working in Japan.

Felted crescent and bead necklaces

Felt Crescent and Bead Necklaces

I like the way they have turned out.   I start with a core of white wool as white wool felts particularly  well for some reason – wrapped around coloured threads.  I use three threads for extra strength and plait the ends when I have finished threading the beads on.

Then I add coloured wool by wrapping, or in the case of the surface decoration by making prefelts and wrapping them around the core.  The necklaces are then felted and fulled as with any feltmaking ,and I’ve been using a sushi mat once they have begun to felt to make sure they felt quite solidly.

Finally I bend them into a crescent shape and leave to dry while I make some felt beads in similar colours – again starting with a core of white wool.  I’ve been having some problems with bits of white showing through the final surface so I think I need to work on my bead making technique, but I really like the felt beads so I think I may also try making some bead only necklaces.

Finally the whole necklace  is threaded together and plaited up and crimps and fasteners added to the ends.


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