Help please re Etsy Shop…

Hi there to anyone reading this.  I think -fingers crossed- that I have just added a link to my new Etsy Shop on my sidebar.

This isn’t strictly speaking supposed to be possible so I have followed suggestions on the help blog and I think it has worked.  I would be grateful if someone reading this could try clicking the link and see what they get – I’m not sure if I’m getting the right place on Etsy as its my site so I can automatically see it!!  (There are only a couple of items on there so far as I am in the process of taking and uploading photos  from various angles….)

Golly – all this techie stuff is a bit complicated!

Blue and Orange Handbag still drying

Blue and Orange Handbag still drying

Here is a picture of the bag I finished this morning just to add something pretty to the post….its not even quite dry yet but I am pleased with it.  For some reason this cobalt blue wool seems to make a particularly smooth felt – different colours of wool really do seem to have different characters….!  The orange decoration is made with a prefelt that I attached before fulling the bag.

Selling Online….

I have sent part of this morning setting up a shop on Etsy….and therefore setting up a Business Paypal Account etc… Next stage is putting things into the shop which means working out shipping costs, product descriptions etc

And then of course linking it to my WordPress site…watch this space.

After all this IT I think I need to go away and make some felt!!

Here are pictures of the bag I finished yesterday Poppy detail close up.  The bag is still drying hence the piece of polystyrene sticking out of the top.  It helps it to hold its shape while its drying….

Dark red bag with poppy decoration

Poppy Bag

Making Baskets

In my Creative Textiles coure at Morley we are learning about baskets…

Yellow card basket decorated with blue pen

My first basket

first basket was made in yellow card and decorated with blue marker pen…not the most exciting thing but it has proved quite useful as a container…

Now I am working on another one in pelmet vilene.  I have heat press dyed it and it looks promising although whether I can make it an interesting shape remains to be seen.  I still find it odd that while the pre heated dyes are wonderfully subtle the finished result can be completely different and far more garish – I tend to add a lot of black….Watch this space for the finished article.

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When You Go Away….

We visited Salisbury yesterday to see the Salisbury Playhouse production of Guys and Dolls, and found this exhibition in the Salisbury Library which houses the John Creasey Museum Project.   The installation is called ‘When You Go Away’ – a series of small clay figures created by children of service personal representing their absent parent.  This forms a clay army on the floor of the museum each with a tag attached to them.

Installation at Salisbury Library

When You Go Away

Apparently they referenced the Terracotta Army Close up of When You Go Awayand Anthony Gormley’s ‘Field’ as well as talking about children who were sent out of cities as refugees during the war……

I feel really sorry for the little one at the front of this photo which has lost its tag!!

A Visit to the Petrie Museum

Last week my Textiles tutor at Morley College, Debby, mentioned a London Museum I’d never heard of before – The Petrie Museum.  So yesterday myself and my friend Linda went in search of it.

Tess at the Petrie Museum

Tess at the Petrie Museum

Turns out that it is hidden away inside University College London and is stuffed with Egyptian Artefacts all displayed in big cases with typed and in some cases handwritten labels.

They have a wealth of jewellery and I was particularly interested in the stylised deorations on the pottery and made several drawings of lotuses and fish which I hope may come in useful.

Here are some more of my photos – I thought I’d better not use my flash although I couldn’t see any signs saying no photography.  I particularly like the beaded dress….but I am a very bad historian.  I photographed things because I liked what they looked like so I can’t report anything about what they actually are or when they date from!!

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A New Hat….

Last week while I was getting ready for the Sheep Fayre I allowed myself the pleasure of making a new hat… Its my favourite thing having been a hat person since my teens. (As a child I only remember a fluffy pink angora hat whch my mother made we wear to church and which itched like crazy.  Luckily it didn’t put me off hats in later life!)

I have been experimenting with nunofelt hats – nunofelt was invented in the 1990s and is a way of bonding fabric and wool tops to make a light flexible material which is particularly suited to the making of clothes.  I wanted to try and make a lighter weight of hat with summer coming on….

   Green Nunofelt Hat

The hat is made on silk chiffon with a single layer of wool – I make sure that I don’t lay all in the same direction.  It  has some snippets of silk of various colours to make the brim decoration and some white ‘silk hankie’ on the main body of the hat as I like the cobwebbed effect it makes.  The hat itself is so fine that it is almost seethrough in places, but strong nontheless….

A Great Day at Spitalfields City Farm yesterday

Tess at the Sheep and Wool Fayre with her stall

Stall at the Sheep and Wool Fayre

We had a lovely sunny day out at Spitalfields City Farm Sheep and Wool Fayre yesterday…. We said hello to the animals, watched sheep being sheared and cheered on the human ‘sheep’ who took part in the sheep race at the end of the day… I sat on a hay bail watching a fashion show by a student from the London College of Fashion and was nearly jumped on by a Southdown Sheep being led round the ring by one of the models, when it suddenly decided it wanted to leave!

The Felt Sheep brooches went down very well.  I’m considering making  pigs as well – I adore them almost as much as sheep…

Watching the people at the stall next door cooing over skeins of beautiful individually dyed wool it was obvious that there is a wide network knitters who communicate regularly in person and via the internet…

Maybe feltmaking could be the next big thing!!