New Wool…….

After the excitements of planning my first market stall time to get back to making again…. I was running low on wool so time to pay a visit to The Handweavers Studio to stock up.  It’s only a short walk / bus ride from where I live which is lucky as I aways seem to end up buyiing twice as much wool as I intended to.

This time I bought quite a few pastels.  I’m not normally a pastels type of person, but with summer and summer craft fairs approaching it seemed like a good idea…I will learn to love the pastels!

Merino Tops in various colours

New wool

 I  bought some curly Wenslydale as I want to experiment with making’Sheep’ shaped badges and it seemed like a possible option to give a real sheep fleece feel.

I  did some carding on Friday while we were sitting on the stall – using up some of the scraps in my bit bag to make ‘rollags’.  I love the way you can use up virtually every scrap of wool doing this, and add flecks of colour to a base colour in a way that brings the finished product to life

Newly carded 'rollags' of wool ready for use

Newly carded rollags of wool ready for use



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