Blogging v Journaling

I’ve been writing a journal for over thirty years and a blog for under a week….so I’ve been considering the difference between blogging and journal writing to try and work out how to do it:

Journals are really boring to read for anyone who isn’t the person writing them (unless you are Michael Palin, Sylvia Plath etc!).  I would say that about 90% of what I write in my journal could be classed as a) tedious detail  b) spur of the moment self indulgent crap or c) something I need to get off my chest and let go of… They can also act as an aide memoire of the ‘Oh god I did it again when I swore six months ago I wasn’t going to’ type, or for those little moments that slip to the back of my head with time, and to remind me what it feels like to be 19 instead of 49!

Blogs on the other hand have a theme – my favourite is Orangette – a food blog written by a woman living in Seattle.  What really makes hers work, just as much as the recipies and food tips is that readers get to live vicariously and get to know the daily ups and downs of another person – and it helps of course that she’s a person who is good at talking about her life in writing!

Journals are written for…who?…probably the person writing them (see above) although I started mine because I always longed to find a journal in the  attic  written by my grandmother…and when I didn’t I decided to write my own history instead.  I’m currently struggling  with the concept of how to write for people I’ve never met…not at all the same as writing an email to entertain a friend..

But I think that the most interesting entries in my diary have always been the ones where I use the journal to work through the creative process – initially as an actor and laterly a feltmaker.  So that’s what I want to try and do here.

Oh and usually I like lots of pictures so the digital camera will come in handy….


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